Extraordinary Ones Moba Held a Meme Competition for the First Time

The grand new anime themed Moba Extraordinary Ones make an open Meme Competition on Facebook. This is pretty rare competition for a Moba games, because most of Moba developers usually make something like Cosplay Competition or Skin Design or New Hero Idea. We really like the idea.

Here are the full Competition description:

🎊1st meme competition of Extraordinary Ones starts!🥳
😋Design your own meme to win 666 JEM awards! Join now to show your idea!😎
❤️Schedule: From today to 7/26 13:59.

1. Download the sketches then add color and words on it, you can download them from this link👉https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Vid1vtvhOhiN_CQh12mQudNL7GEO-Uzd 😘You can also draw the meme by yourself.
2. Upload the completed meme by commenting on this post. Remember to mention your game server and user ID in comments so that we can send rewards to your in-game mail. (e.g., server: ID: )
3. The amount of likes your meme receives will decide the result of competition.

1. Champions: 666 JEM👏
2. Rank 2-10: 99 JEM👏
3. All the joining players: 39 JEM👏

1. Meme must be made on your own. Copies are not allowed in this competition.
2. Submission should be a completed one including image and words, with a transparent background.
3. You will only receive the highest rewards in this event, e.g., if you already receive 666 JEM, you will not receive 99 JEM and 39 JEM.
4. Meme cannot contain illegal contents such as violence, sex, etc.
5. Extraordinary Ones have rights to change or stop this activity.
😘If you have any question, please send email to " eo.activity@gmail.com ", thank you.

There are still six day until the final decision result, the faster you create the meme the better. Because the amount of Likes will decide the result of this meme competition. Good luck.

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