Extraordinary Ones Limited Stock (Second Spell) List

Limited Stock is the Skill or Spell you obtain from the mysterious item in the Middle of the map, sometime you obtain it by defeating a jungle monster. The Skill will fill your second spell slot.

Here are the list of Limited Stock availabe:

1. Best Chip Ever

"Super Power", Best Chip Ever. Increase ATK by 120 and SP by 150 for 10 sec.

2. Angel

"Good Healing!" Recovers 10% of Max HP for yourself and ally unit with the lowest HP within range.

3. 1st Aid

"Lifeline Success!" Quickly recovers HP and Mana. This Effect will stop when you take damage.

4. Farsight

"Ultimate scouting!" Place a Scout Sentry that last 120s at the designated location.

5. Heal

"Mysterious power of the nature" Slowly recovers 30% of max HP within 30 seconds. This Effect will not be interrupted by attack.

6. Coolant

"As fast as you can imagine" Reduce all CD of all skills by half.

7. Curse

"Curse you!" Throws a Curse to one enemy, reducing its damage output by 30% and Move speed by 25% for 2,5 seconds.

8. Scouting Thunder

"What's the word? Thunderbird!" Use it to gain vision in a straight line.

9. Naughty Bomb

"Boom!" Knock back all unit in the target area after use.

10. Reinforcement From Above

"Rush!" Use it to summon a Mega Mob at the target area.

11. Quick Portal

"Vroom!" Summon a UFO to back quickly. Reduces the portal time to 2 seconds.

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