Chess Rush Devs' Answers to Several Question from Players

Chess Rush Official Facebook ask players if they have question about the game. Many players responded and they finally made a FAQ Pos about it, here they are:

Q: Do you have any background story for the heroes or the game itself?
A: We're currently planning to expand the in-game lore in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

Q: Do you have any plans for tie-in events with other brands or characters from other games, manga, films, etc?
A: While we can't confirm anything right now, that would be really cool! Let's see what happens!

Q: Will you implement a season pass system in the game?
A: Yes, a battle pass system is on the way!

Q: Will you add new skins for the heroes?
A: We are working on a lot of new features for Chess Rush, and hero skins is definitely one of them.

Q: Is it possible to show amounts of gold in extended numbers instead of abbreviations?
A: Thank you for your suggestion, we will look into this.

Q: When will the game be available in Vietnam?
A: We are working on this! Chess Rush will be available for iOS and Android in Vietnam soon!

Q: Where can I find the changelog of the game?
A: Currently you can search our official Facebook and Reddit for the notes of all our patches and rebalancings. In the future, we plan to have a dedicated wiki entry about this. As soon as it's ready, we'll let you know!

Q: Will you add an offline function?
A: It may happen in the future, but not anytime soon

Q: How will you support the game's competitive scene? Will there be official eSport events and tournaments?
A: We love eSports so we're actively exploring a number of possibilities related to this and the competitive scene. If it does happen, we'll be sure to let you know!

Q: When is the next update coming out?
A: Chess Rush has continuous cycle of small and large updates. Smaller updates are used to fix minor bugs and improve game balance and we'll be releasing those soon! Our larger updates add new content and other fun stuff. The next big one is scheduled for August, so stay tuned!

Q: How many weeks will each season last and what rewards can we expect?
A: You'll find out after our first big update in August!

Q: When will you release new heroes?
A: There's definitely going to be new content relating to this in our August update!

Q: Willl you add a colorblind mode?
A: Definitely! We're already planning on adding and releasing this mode as soon as possible!

Q: How many new heroes will you add in a year?
A: Great question! While it's hard to give you an exact number, we'll certainly be adding new heroes and content while keeping the game optimized and balanced. We like to keep things fresh and stable so stay tuned for the August update for a taste of what's to come!

Q: I have to log in everytime I start the game, will this be fixed?
A: Yes, we are aware of this issue and we'd like to apologize the inconvenience this has caused. We have this at the top of our priority list so we'll fix it as soon as possible.

Q: Co-op mode is sometimes frustrating because my teammate never sends a hero! What can you do about this?
A: We're planning to add reminders for players in co-op for better overall communication. Hope this helps!

Q: When will it be possible to evolve Legendary heroes to Level 3 in Classic mode?
A: Maybe it's best to upgrade your other heroes to level 3 first!

Q: What are your plans for rebalancing the Druid class? It's too easy to evolve them to Level 3!
A: We've worked on rebalancing druids recently. With that said, what makes Druids unique is their ability to easily upgrate to level 3 so we don't plan to change this aspect for now. We'll continously monitor the situation.

Q: I can't log into Chess Rush even though I was able to play other games normally. Can you look into this?
A: We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue has been fixed in the recent patch please download the latest version of the game.

Q: How do I change servers? I want the fastest connection possible.
A: Currently, your server location does not affect connection speed. If this situation changes in the future, we'll be sure to inform you.

Q: Is this really a strategy game? I keep losing because my opponents always get lucky with their rolls.
A: We're sorry to hear that! Strategy plays an important role in the game but RNG definitely has some impact as well. This mix creates a challenging and unpredictable environment where players must adapt when the odds suddenly take a turn for the worst. We're sure that the next time, you'll be the one that gets lucky and snatch that last-second victory!

Q: Will there be season rewards for high rank this season?
A: The official start of the season is in August. We're currently testing the ranking system and it'll be ready by the time the season officially starts!

Q: Will you add a guild or clan system in the game?
A: We are working on this right now! We'll have it ready as soon as possible.

Q: Will you increase the quality and detail of the games' graphics?
A: Yes, we're constantly working to improve the game's graphics. Pinching the screen during the battles enables you to zoom in and out to see the details and quality of the graphics more!

Q: What is the rank gap for players that want to play together?
A: It's one whole rank class. For example, Knight 4 players can play with Bishop 4 players.

Q: Will you add voiceovers in languages other than English and Chinese?
A: Yes!

Q: What's the selection criteria for the Global Tournament? Will it be based on regional rank, global rank, or something else?
A: We have been announcing these details on our social media channels. Follow us to find it out!

Q: Why do I see units costing 2 Mana Crystals in the first battle of a match?
A: 2 Mana units should start appearing at the shop from the start of the second battle.

Q: Will there be heroes rotating according to each season?
A: We're considering different ways to maybe implement this as seasons will have an impact for sure. However, it's still a secret for now!

Q: Are you planning any adjustments for rebalancing heroes and synergies?
A: In the past few days, we've carried out some rebalancing procedures and we strive to continually improve on these aspects

Q: Where can we check the effect of each item?
A: Tapping on items in your inventory will open their information windows!

Q: Can you show more information about the heroes in the shop before we buy them?
A: We're planning on adding more information in the shop interface during the coming updates. There's a feature where you can check the hero's special ability just by tapping their mana prices.

These question and answers helps player with their curiosity about the game, even better because the answers comes from game officials.

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