Chess Rush Cyborg Assassin Lineup Strategy

What strategy do we need? You may wanna check out the Cyborg + Assassin lineup from Chess Rush Strategy School! This Lineup are really strong against Physical Damage Lineup like Riders Combo and have a high damages too.

---Lineup & Combos---
6 Cyborgs + 4 Engineers + 3 Assassins + 1 Demon

---Combo Effects---
6 Cyborgs: All ally Cyborgs gain armor +75, HP recovery +30.
4 Engineers: Ally Engineers gain HP recovery speed +120.
3 Assassins: At the start of the battle, ally Assassins will enter stealth. Stealth attacks deal 250% damage. 10% chance of re-entering stealth on attack.
1 Demon: When you deploy only 1 Demon, its attack damage is increased by 40%. Its attack also causes its target to take 10% more damage for 5 seconds.

---Order of Purchase---
Lv. 1-5
Bionic Ninja, Miss Supersonic, Steel Fist, Groundsmasher, Stalker Drone S90, Lilith
Lv. 6-7
Sword Dancer, Stalker Drone S90
Lv. 8-10
The Ultimate Weapon, War Machine, Sword Dancer, Stalker Drone S90. Chess pieces which cost less than 3 Crystals can all be upgraded to Level 3.

---Key Points---
Make use of the powerful combo between 3 Cyborgs and 3 Assassins in the early game to secure an economic advantage and develop quickly. After reaching Lv. 8, start rolling for The Ultimate Weapon or War Machine to complete the 6 Cyborg combo and complete the lineup.

Pros: High armor and recovery. Strong against physical damage.
Cons: Rough mid-game transition. Weak against Sorcerer lineups.

---Recommended Formation---
Front Row: Steel Fist, Groundsmasher, The Ultimate Weapon
Back Row: Miss Supersonic, Stalker Drone S90, Terminater, Sword Dancer, Bionic Ninja, Lilith

That's all about Cyborg - Assassin lineup tips and guide for now.

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