This MLBB Hero si OP that his Ban Rate is Above 90%

Mobile Legends Professional League Season 3has been running for 3 weeks and some statistic have been obtained including Hero Ban ratio. As we know, a hero will more likely be banned if it is considered too strong.

But if it gets banned continuously it might also be because it's really strong and difficult to counter,  this hero ban ratio even above 90% in the MPL Arena, arena for pro players.

Smack Button meme picture found on google and edited

The hero is Harith, Harith does have two important elements to become meta, high mobility and burst damage. Besides that, Harith is indeed quite easy to master.

As known from MLBB Esport Indonesia, not half-hearted, the ratio of Harith ban here is 95.45%. And in the Mythic rank and also Harith has become a ban subscription. This can also be a reference for players to be able to buy it and use it when it is released.

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