Season 11 to Season 12 Rank Adjustment - Mobile Legends

As Always, when there is new Season arrives, there will be Tier or Division adjustment or I can say it a Tier Reduction (Rank down). The Season 11 of Mobile Legends is going to end in the end of march 2019.

The Tier drop is meant for players who's Rank are too far to reach can be easier to catch their rank. And also, make a fresh season for everyone to compete and to begin with.

So... for example, there is a Mythical Glory player with 1800 Stars, While you are Legend III, of course it is very difficult if you want to chase him now even though 'let's just say' your skill almost the same with him. With the tier adjustment, he will be in Epic I and you in Epic III and this makes it easier for you to chase the same rank as him.

Another advantage of this Season System is that we get prizes such as Battle Points, Tickets, and Free Skin if you are on Master Division or higher. For those of you who have not reached the master, you guys should play more to get better, and also read guide or watch livestream to learn new technique.

The New Season Reset Announcement is informed from Official MLBB Indonesia on Instagram.

For Season 11, Bane's Skin - Warlord already prepared as a reward. Back then in Season 10 it's Tigreal - Wyrmslayer, S9 Franco - Locomotive and S8 Estes - White Crane.

Here is the Rank Adjustment from S11 to S12:  

The data shown below are rank adjustment from the last season. There are 6 days left for the new season and there are no official rank adjustment from the devs, that's why I use data from last season.

Warrior IIIWarrior III
Warrior IIWarrior II
Warrior IWarrior I
Elite IIIElite III
Elite II~Elite IElite II
Master IV~Master IIIElite I 1*
Master IIMaster IV 1*
Master IMaster III 1*
Grandmaster VMaster II 1*
Grandmaster IVMaster I 1*
Grandmaster IIIGrandmaster V 1*
Grandmaster IIGrandmaster IV 1*
Grandmaster IGrandmaster III 1*
Epic VGrandmaster II 1*
Epic IVGrandmaster I 1*
Epic III~Epic IIEpic V 1*
Epic I~Legend V Epic IV 1*
Legend IV ~Legend I Epic III 1*
Mythic 0-99 99★Epic II 1*
Mythic 100-499★Epic I 1*

Mythic 500★+Epic I 1*

  • The Rank Adjustment from Season 11 to Season 12 is scheduled arouund March, 23 - 2019 at 24.00 (Or at least March 24) Server time.
  • Maybe just like the previous Seasons, that 2 hour after Rank Adjustment, no one will be able to enter Ranked Mode. This is probably the devs trying to avoid crash or error while the system doing it.
  • You can see detailed information of your rank, such as the BP or Ticket rewards, the Skin Icon, Protection points and Star Raising Points by Clicking the Ranked Mode Image on the Home Screen, then there will be some Game Mode Like Ranked, Classic, Brawl, Etc. Just Cick the Question Mark in a book Icon. You will see detailed information about your tier and rewards.
For your info, the New Season Countdown has not been update, it should be 6 days left instead of 14.

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