Season 11 Skin Conformed, Bane - Warlord

Moonton just released a skin preview for Season 11. You can check it by yourself at the Event Menu, - MLBBxKOF - New Season. The fact that the announcement saying that the Season is starting at March 23nd is pretty confusing because it not match with what we see in the Rank Menu (Season countdown).

Mobile Legends Indonesia Official on Instagram inform the same thing, which make the information more valid. 

Here are how Bane Season Skin - Warlord looks in game, as known from
MobileLegends_NewSkin. For the video preview you can see it here.

In my opinion, the skin is not really good looking, in both game preview and the image preview/wallpaper. I looks like it doesn't worth selling, that's why they give it to us for free. Just like most of the given seasonal skins. Well, it might sound harsh but that's what I see from my point of view.

Bane is also barely used for the current meta because for the average Fighter players use Leomord, Aldous, Chou and Thamuz. So this skin might be used to "just for trying" in the beginning of the season.

By the way, the devs may also be a bit forgetful to change the time of the new Countdown season in the game, this might confuse the player because it says there are 14 days left, while the Devs say March 23 which means 6 daysleft (this post was made on March 17).

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