Hero Academy #45 - Khufra Tips and Guide

Khufra is a tank specializing in Crowd control, using this hero must be patient because the right timing is needed to do combo skills.

If you meet the Khufra user who is good, the Assassin and Fighter users are guaranteed to have difficulty entering the war, because almost all Khufra skills have control. Khufra's 1st Skill has a knock-up, His 2nd skill block the use of blink, and his Ult can stun if directed to the wall.

Here is the Khufra guide from Hero Academy Mobile Legends. All explanations are embedded in the picture, please check it out:

Tips on using Khufra's Passive Skill:

How to use Khufra's 1st skill: 

Khufra's 2nd skill, the annoying bouncing ball 

Khufra's Ultimate skill guide:

Khufra Combo Skill: 1-3-2 (after that, use basic attacks to trigger his passive skill)

Skill priority for Khufra  

Best Khufra gear build recommended by Pro player:

Recommended Spell for Khufra: Flicker or Petrify.

Best Emblem for Khufra: Tank Emblem with Brave Smite Talent

Khufra Counter and Partner:

Other Hero Academy guides:

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Source: Mobile Legends Web

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