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Guinevere is the first Mage Fighter in Mobile Legends, it means if you want to do basic attack it must be close, unlike mage in general which is ranged. But Guinevere has its own advantages, she has knock ups (blown into the air) and blink skills.

Guinevere is Lancelot's younger sister, she is part of a family of sword users who learn magic. Her combo skill makes the opponent unable to move or escape easily, she is very dangerous for enemy's backline.

Here is the Guinevere (Gwen) guide from Hero Academy Mobile Legends. All explanations are listed in the picture, please check itu out.

Hero Traits:
  • Strong in early game
  • High flexibility
  • Back-line killer

Tips on using Guinevere's Passive Skill: Guinevere has a magic stack (red bar below the HP bar), when full it will make Guinevere jump to the target when she wants to do a basic attack, so watch carefully, don't jump carelessly especially when your HP is thin.

Guinevere's 1st Skill tips:

Guinevere's 2nd Skill tips:

Guinevere Skill Spatial Migration: this skill can help Guinevere in many ways:
  • Outwit the enemy
  • Avoid a lot of damage to her
  • To escape
  • To chase opponent who try to retreat
  • Guinevere's clone/image from this skill also deals damage when it is attacked or when it disappears..

Guinevere's Ultimate Skill guide:

Guinevere's Combo Skill: 1-2-3-basic attack (Use basic attack to trigger her Passive Skill to deal more damage)

Guinevere Skill Priority: 

Guinevere's best gear based on Pro player's recommendation:

Recommended Spell for Guinevere is Retribution. The alternative is Execute, to kill the enemy faster.

Best Emblem for Guinevere is Mage Emblem. Recommended to use the Talent: Agility - Observation - Mystery Shop.

Guinevere Counter dan Partner: 

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