Hero Academy #43 Full Guide of Vale the Wind Guy

Vale is a Mage with elemental power: Wind. Other Mages who have elemental powers are Valir with fire and Eudora with electricity. The good thing to use Vale is that we can upgrade his Skills, and choose between adding CC or Damage, just adjust to the needs of the team.

Vale has a bond with one of the heroes, Valir. They are close friends, Vale even calls Valir as Brother.

Here are some tips and guide to master Vale, Mobile Legends Hero Academy.

Most of the explanation is contained in the images below, check it out.

Hero Traits:
  • Strong (skill) ability
  • Opressive
  • Strong poke ability
  • Caution to use ultimate skill
  • Best for teaming up
  • Low flexibility

Vale's Passive Skill:

Vale's 2st Skill guide: 

Vale's 2nd Skill guide:

Tips on using Vale's Ultimate Skill:

Vale's Skill Combo: 2-3-1

Vale's Skill priority:

Vale gear build recommendation by Pro player:

Recommended Spell for Vale is Sprint.
Recommended Emblem for Vale: Mage Emblem with Talent Flow - Catastrophe - Mystery Shop

Vale Counter and Partner: 

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Source: Mobile Legends Web

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