Hero Academy #42 Badang The Malaysian Hero Full Guide and Build

Badang is one of the fighters who fights without weapons, yup, similar to Chou, he can rely on his bare hands. The core of this hero is his fist, can be seen from all the skills that use the word "Fist".

Badang is a National Hero from Malaysia, the reference can be seen on Wikipedia.

Here are some tips and guide to master Badang, Mobile Legends Hero Academy.

Most of the explanation is contained in the images below, check it out.

Hero traits:
  • Good at ganking
  • Perfect Control
  • Strong in mid game

Tips on using Badang's Passive Skill:

Skill 1 Badang Tips:

Badang's 2nd Skill guide:

Badang's Ultimate Skill tips:

Badang Combo Skill: 1-2-attack-3

Badang Skill priority:

Best Badang gear recommended by Pro player:

Badang's Best Spell: Flicker

Recommended Emblem for Badang: Fighter Emblem with Talent: Bravery - Invasion - Disabling Strike.

Badang Counter and Partner:

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Source: Mobile Legends Web

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