Hero Academy #41 Kadita Full Guide - The Land of Dawn's Ocean Goddess

Kadita is one of the Mage with high flexibility. As we know, Mages are generally quite rigid like Gord, Aurora, Eudora, Odette, etc. Even though there are many mages with high flexibility such as Harith, Harley, Kagura, etc.

Kadita is an Indonesian hero, the Queen of the Southern Sea (Indian Ocean), well known her as Nyi Roro Kidul

Seven Knight is one of the game that use Nyi Roro Kidul as a Hero, her name in that game is Roro.

Here are some tips and guide to master Kadita, Mobile Legends Hero Academy.

Most of the explanation is contained in the images below, check it out.

Kadita traits:
  • High Burst damage
  • High flexibility
  • Counter attack
  • High mobility
  • Strong in mid game

Tips on using Kadita's Passive Skill:

Kadita's 1st skill guide:

Kadita's 2nd skill tips:

Kadita's Ultimate Skill tips and trick:

Kadita Combo Skill: 1-2-3

Kadita Skill Priority:

Kadita's best gear recommended by Pro player

Recommended spell for Kadita: Execute.

Bes emblem for Kadita is Mage Emblem with Talent: Flow - Observation dan Magic Worship. If your Mage Emblem is low, you can use Magical Emblem instead.

Kadita Counter dan Partner:

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Source: Mobile Legends Web

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