Hero Academy #40 Hanzo The Buff Stealer Akuma Ninja Guide

Hanzo is an Assassin with a complex skill, most people will need time to master this hero. The most annoying thing when meet a pro Hanzo enemy is they are more likely to steal your buff using his first skill.

Here are some tips and guide to master Hanzo, Mobile Legends Hero Academy.

Most of the explanation is contained in the images below, check it out.

Hanzo traits:
  • Good at killing
  • High flexibility
  • High Burst Damage
  • Good at ganking

Passive skill: Ame no habakiri.

Tips on using Hanzo's first skill.

Hanzo's 2nd skill is good for laning

Tips on using Hanzo's Ultimate skill:

Hanzo's first skill in Akuma Ninja mode:

Hanzo's 2nd skill in Akuma Ninja mode.

Hanzo's 3rd skill in Akuma Ninja mode.

Hanzo Combo Skill: 3-2-1-3

Hanzo Skill priority:

Best gear build recommendation by pro player:

Recommended Battle Spell for Hanzo is Retribution for fast farming.

Hanzo best emblem recommendation: Assassin - Bounty Hunter

Hanzo Counter dan Partner:

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