Hero Academy #39 Minsitthar - Assassin's Natural Counter

Minsitthar is quite popular hero now because of his ability to overcome heroes who full of charge ability. Minsitthar is also the most used hero to counter current overpowered heroes: Harith and Chou.

Initially, Minsitthar did not have many enthusiasts because it was found to be less useful, but now he is often relied on even though his ult has been nerfed. Okay, let's just go to the Hero Academy from Mobile Legends.

Almost all the explanations already exist in the following pictures, please observe.

Minsitthar has many advantages:
  • Strong (skill) ability
  • High BP Rate
  • Opressive, nice one for ganking
  • Also good for laning 
  • Strong Control
  • Counter for Assasin

Minsitthar's passive skill allows the user and entire team to get more gold in the game. Which mean you can perform more gank without worrying too much about your gold.

Minsitthar 1st Skill tips:

Minsitthar 2nd Skill tips:

Minsitthar Guide on using the Ultimate SKill:

Minsitthar Skill Combo: 1-2-3

Minsitthar Skill Priority:

Minsitthar gear build recommended by pro player:

The recommended battle spell for Minsitthar is Flicker dan Petrify. Flicker good for escap or chasing. Petrify good for making it difficult for enemies who want to escape from the his ult area. If you want to use Petrify, it is better to build more deff item, because he has no escape skill and it will buy him time to survive.

Best Emblem for Minsitthar.

Minsitthar Counter and Partner:
  • Minsitthar compatible with AoE damage dealers like Alice, Hanabi, and Claude.
  • Minsitthar is natural enemies for assassins or blinker like Harith, Chou, Lancelot, etc.
  • Minsitthar counter is heroes with fast combo skill with burst damage such as Aldous, Eudora and Lunox.

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Source: Mobile Legends Web

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