Adorable Mobile Legends Chibi Heroes Fanart by Miyusa Ahibara Part III

Here are some Mobile Legends fanart again, these fanart are chibi or small and cute version of the heroes of MLBB. They looks really adorable.

These picture of Mobile Legend fanart are made by a well known artist among Mobile Legends players in Indonesia, Miyusa Ashibara.

Miyusa.Ashibara (M i y o e s)
You can follow her on instagram for faster updates from her. She also more likely to open commision, you can order if you like.

There will be 3 part of this post because her artwork is pretty much. See Part I and Part II Each part will contain 30 images.

1. Chibi Kimmy - The Splat Queen

2. Chibi Claude comforting Kimmy

3. Chibi Harith hugged by Nana

4. Chibi Lesley Epic holding hand with Gusion Starlight fanart

5. Chibi Eudora and Gord - Christmas Skin

6. Chibi Freya and Zilong Coupleship

7. Chibi Lolita and Karina

8. Chibi Kadita fanart - Ocean Goddess

9. Chibi Aurora and Chou - Chinese New Year Skin

10. Chibi Vale and Valir

11. Chibi Chou and Angela

12. Chibi Lolita and Angela Chinese New Year Skin

13. Chibi Harley fanart

14. Chibi Angela Cute

15. Chibi Nana baby face

16. Chiby Angela, Harley, and Nana inviting you to play with them

 17. Chibi Valir special skin and Kagura fanart

Alright that's all the images of chiby Mobile Legends hero for this Part III, I will keep updating this page until it reach 30 images. Here are the other part:
The images are really good for those who looking for chibi wallpaper, mini wallpper or avatar for Mobile Legends profile picture. Hope it useful, thank you.

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