Notice About The Lag Problem on Onmyoji Arena

About the lag issue that currently happening to some players on the game Onmyoji Arena, the devs has make a notification and information about it. Here it is.

Dear Onmyojis,
Thank you for all the support since the official launch a month ago! We hope you are enjoying the game 😃

Meanwhile, we have noticed players experiencing lag and ping spikes when playing. Our team is working day and night to solve this problem.

Here we would like to give an update on the current situation and what we are planning to do:

👉1. In order to reduce the effect of network fluctuations, we will be performing optimization on mobile packets. Southeast Asia server will receive this update within the next two weeks.

👉2. We are in close touch with our network service provider, asking them to optimize network connection to Southeast Asia.

👉3. The latest data pack will be made available next week, which includes optimization for various functions related to UU Game Booster. For players who are experiencing network problems while playing, please download and try using UU Game Booster.

👉4. We are also testing our internal NAT route selection system. If the results are satisfactory, we will provide access to players who are experiencing heavy lag.

👉5. A delay analysis system across all servers has also been implemented. We will use the data retrieved for optimization and try to reduce the proportion of players experiencing heavy lag.

🙇‍ 【Please help us solve this problem】
For players who are experiencing lag and ping spikes, we would like to ask you to help by providing the following information through an in-game inquiry:

- In-game ID (10-digit number displayed in the "Add Friends" interface)
- Network (Wifi or 4G / Internet Service Provider)
- Region (Thailand, Vietnam, etc.)
- Problem(s) you are experiencing (Error messages, high ping, etc.)

We are sorry for all the inconvenience caused and will try our utmost to fix this problem ASAP.
Our team is determined to provide a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.
Once again, thank you for supporting Onmyoji Arena.

Source: Onmyoji Arena FB

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