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New season is arriving this early April and the devs has prepared some important update for everyone including additional ban number in draft pick mode, Battlespell adjustment and Lord's Capabilities adjustment and about some heroes too that considered "too strong".

Alright just to the point, here are the words from Arnold (MasterZeR0) on Mobile Legends Forum:

Firstly, we will increase the number of bans in Draft Pick Mode from 2 to 4. At the same time, we will launch a selection helper function for everyone. The selection helper’s main function is as follows: when selecting heroes in Draft Pick Mode, and players placed further down the selection order wish to use a certain hero, players placed higher in the selection order can help them to choose this hero in order to achieve a more ideal team line-up.

More detailed rules of this function are on the way. Through these two adjustments, we hope to make hero selection in Draft Pick Mode more strategic and enable players to communicate more effectively.

 Next up, we will be adjusting some Battle Spells. At present, the selection of Battle Spells in the game is relatively small, so we will enhance several of them:
  • Iron Wall will reduce damage taken by defensive towers; 
  • Aegis will grant a shield to you or your most seriously injured ally; 
  • Weaken will be optimized to prioritize the enemy hero with the highest attack power, within its range; and 
  • Sprint's increased movement speed in the first few seconds will not decay. 

The above content will be released on the Advanced Server for testing and adjustment. We welcome everyone to experience these new changes and tell us how you feel about them.

In addition, we will make some adjustments to the Lord's capabilities. Now, when one side takes the lead, you can use Lords to gain the advantage in situations that are otherwise difficult to reverse.

When attacking a Lord, the weaker team doesn’t have much of a chance of snatching it, so we will give Lords a ranged damage skill and increase the range of their knock up skill, to make the risks of attacking a Lord match the potential gains.

As usual, we will make adjustments to a wide range of heroes early in the season. For details of these adjustments, please look out for our Advanced Server adjustment notifications. For now, I’d like to introduce to everyone the changes to Kagura, Lesley, and Chou. We are currently preparing to adjust the range of Kagura’s Seimei Umbrella Open on the Advanced Server. After her ultimate was reworked, Kagura became very popular, and her ban rate rose dramatically. When laning with Kagura, we feel that all she needs to do is throw her umbrella in front of her to easily force you out of her umbrella’s range. At the same time, she is also able to either advance or retreat, which makes her difficult to deal with in many situations. When considering how to adjust her, we didn’t want to weaken her dexterity or excessive damage, as that would rob her of her essence, or strip her of follow-up actions after inputting certain sets of operations. So, we finally chose to make some adjustments to her skill range. We know that this may require everyone to adapt to her again, but we hope that this adjustment will allow her to retain a certain degree of responsiveness.

It hasn’t been so long since Lesley was launched, and in a very short period of time, she has become much-loved by many players. At the same time we have also received a lot of feedback about this hero being too strong. This feedback was mainly about her early game and laning problems, as well as her ultra-long range and high burst damage to fragile heroes in the late game. Because of this, we will adjust some of her mechanisms, with the main goal being to ensure that her capability to continuously deal damage is not changed, while slightly weakening her suppression in the laning phase and her threat to squishy heroes in the late game.

We feel that Chou is a hero riddled with contradictions; he is a very popular hero in the game, but is not so popular with it comes to Ranked Game viability. We hope that more people can experience the thrill of successfully landing a perfectly-placed roundabout kick, rather than just choosing Chou and playing him like any other hero. This also means that we cannot enhance his strength in the game. At the same time, we also need to give his skill effects more stable benefits in some places. We currently have some possible scenarios to test. And all of these plans will be tested on the Advanced Server, and we will make the final decisions on these heroes based on the test results.

Arnold also talks about Season 8 Rank Adjustment and we have a specific post about it here.

We are hoping this improvisation or update will bring better gameplay and fairness in to the game. Some people might be unhappy because their hero are probably getting nerfed, but the idea of adjusting draft pick, spell and Lord are great in my opinion honestly.

Information and Picture source: ML Forum

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