Mobile Legends Quiz Answer List (100 Answers)

Mobile Legends Recently released new event: MLBB Quiz. The event can be played by every player and any rank. You have to obtain an item called MLBB Test Question first, by playing Classic or Ranked Game.

The even lasts 14 days and probably will be held again in the future. There will be a reward for answering questions (6 questions per item) correctly.

Here are some of the question from Mobile Legends Quiz which accommodated by me from various source, especially the game itself. including Newest MLBB Quiz, Season 12

100. Which of the following is true of heroes with 4 active skills?
>> Skills max out at lv4, ultimate at lv3

99. Which items grants the most physical attack?
>> Blade of Despair

98. Who likes rainy days the most?

97. Which of the following can't be found in the Events Hall?
>> Game Friend list

96. Which animal is on the epic rank icon?
>> Rhino

95. Alpha is a product of which of the following laboratories?
>> Laboratory 1718

94. How many groups can a player join?
>> 2

93. Where was Bruno, one of the best fighters in the Land of Dawn, born?
>> In the slums

92. How many Battle Spells are there in the game?
>> 12

91. Which of the following heroes has the longest range at max level?
>> Layla

90. Where in the game can you see the latest game information?
>> Events - Weekly recommendations

89. Which of the following heroes is not a support?
>> Bane

88. Gift received by streamers when broadcasting will be converted into BB Coins. Which of the following currencies can BB Coins be converted into?
>> Diamonds

87. Where does tapping the Guides button take you?
>> Website Homepage

86. Which of the following heroes is mentioned in Lancelot's background story?
>> Odette

85. Which of the following heroes cannot restore health to allies?
>> Diggie

84. If a Support kills a buff monster, their skill cooldown will be reduced, and mana recovery will be increased
>> Correct

83. Which of the following heroes is a physical type?
>> Layla

82. Which pair of heroes have special effects when playing on the same team?
>> Harley and Lesley

81. If a Marksman kills a buff monster, their attack power will be increased, and basic attacks will slow enemies
>> Correct

80. In the Lucky Treasure Event, how many rewards need to b excluded before you can start drawing?
>> 4

79. How many minutes does it take for a Lord to refresh?
>> 6 minutes

78. Which of the following doesn't grant free access to skins?
>> Buy with Diamonds in the Shop

77. How can you unlock Battle Spells early?
Spend Diamonds to unlock

76. In the game, who says I'm on top of the world?
>> Bruno

75. Which of the following materials can upgrade Common Magic Emblems?
>> Magic Dust

74. Towers receive an additional 50% damage reduction for how long at the start of a game?
>> 3 Minutes

73. In battle, what does the green bar above a hero's head represent?
>> HP

72. If a fighter kills a buff monster, they'll receive a cooldown reduction buff and their movement speed will increase after hitting enemies with skills
>> Correct

71. Which of the following heroes is a magic type?
>> Eudora

70. What is the maximum cooldown reduction you can get?
>> 0,4

69. How often can you get a free Lucky Spin?
>> Every 48 hours

68. Which of the following heroes doesn't use a sword as a weapon?
>> Alpha

67. In which of the following ways can you get early Starlight Member skins?
>> Rare Skin Fragment Shop

66. What did the heroes found after opening the Twilight Orb?
>> Lunox

65. Where's Minotaur's hometown?
>> Emerald Road

64. What is Miya's profession?
>> Moon Temple Worshipper

63. Which of the following is not a Starlight member privilege?
>> Receive more stars in Ranked Mode

62. Which item cannot be bought in the Mystery Shop?
>> Seasonal Skin

61. Under what circumstances will Diggie become an egg?
>> When he dies

60. What's the lowest rank at which you can use the in-game streaming function?
>> Master

59. Which team size is unable to queue for a ranked game?
>> 4

58. Which of the following boots increase your Physical Defense?
Warrior Boots

57. Which of the following hero skills can ignore the knockback effect of Akai's ultimate?
>> Diggie

56. What has Aldous been protecting?
>> Minotaur's Maze

55. What;s the abbreviation for the MLBB Professional League
>> MPL

54. If a Mage kills a buff monster, their magic power will be increased, and mana consumption will be reduced
>> Correct

53. If a Tank kills a buff monster, their mana consumption will be reduced and they'll receive extra Physical and Magical Defense?
>> Correct

52. What should you do after being killed by the enemy many times?
>> Pay more attention to minimap to prevent being ganked

51. How much is the Diamond discount on all heroes during their first week of launch?
>> 0,3

50. Which of the following methods can't be used to acquire heroes in the game?
>> Skin Fragments

49. Who invented the device that Claude has been carrying around?
>> Dr. Rooney

48. Why should you buy equipment in the game?
>> To become stronger

47. Which statement about buying shoes in the game is correct?
>> Buy boots based on the situation and hero role/position

46. When you accidentally take a teammate's buff, which chat shortcut should you use?
>> Sorry

45. Chou was born into nobility. True or false?

44. Who is Claude's Partner?
>> Dexter

43. Which of the following rewards cannot be obtained from the magic wheel?
>> Premium Skin Fragment

42. What should you do if you find yourself losing game after game?
>> Watch Live Broadcast of Professional Players and learn new technique

41. How should you deal with AFK teammates?
>> Report them on the post-game screen

40. When the enemy team has more control heroes than your team, which hero should you use?
>> Diggie

39. You need to have how many heroes to compete in ranked games?
>> 5

38. Which of the following is not a benefit of spectating Arena Constests?
>> Increase your height

37. You can set your gender in your profile. Regarding gender setting, which of the following is correct?
>> Male, Female and Hidden

36. On which day of the week do weekly free heroes reset?
>> Friday

35. What is Nana true identity?
>> A raccoon spirit

34. How should you deal with Argus' Ultimate skill?
>> Move away from him, wait for his ultimate to end, and then attack him

33. How can you tell when a stealthed Natalia is nearby?
>> An exclamation mark will appear above your head

32. When your team has a huge advantage, what should you do?
>> Fight as a group to take down enemy towers and maximize your advantage

31. Which of the following equipment grants defense?
>> Immortality

30. If you need to communicate with your teammates during a game, which of the following is least suitable?
>> Abuse your teammates

29. What's the minimum number of heroes you need to play Ranked Mode?
>> 5

28. How do you activate Last Hit Attack Mode?
>> In Settings - Controls

27. At what level can you start playing ranked games?
>> 8

26. What should you not do when playing as an Assassin?
>> Charge towards the enemy tank

25. At what level can you gift skin to friends?
>> Level 20

24. Who's the first hero you get in the game?
>> Layla

23. Where do MLBB's heroes fight?
>> The Land of Dawn

22. How can AFK players be punished?
>> Their Credit will go down

21. When it comes to Daily Quests, which of the following statements is incorrect?
>> You need to receive your rewards every day

20. Which of the following websites is the official website of the game?

19. if you think a streamer is playing well during live broadcast, which of the following is not appropriate?
>> Ask the streamer for a Gift

18. How many ranks are there in ranked mode?
>> 7

17. What should you do if you're at a disadvantage in a game?
>> Keep fighting on

16. What is Lancelot's Lover?
>> Odette

15. What can you get from killing a Lord in the game?
>> You can summon the Lord

14. Where did harley, the excellent youn mae apprentice, graduate from?
>> Lion Academy of magical city

13. What's the main purpose of the minimap?
>> To observe enemy and ally positions, and avoid being ganked

12. Nice to Meet you, Would you like me to make a formal introduction?
>> No Thanks Alice

11. Which Hero can you obtain by recharging for the first time?
>> Freya

10. What's the maximum number of players a squad can hold?
>> 9 players

9. Which of the following heroes can summon allies to fight with them?
>> Sun

8. In which of the following ways can you complete a 7-day sign in for a previous day?
>> Starlight Member privileges

7. What is the water area on the MLBB original map known as?
>> The river

6. How many lanes are there in Classic mode?
>> 3

5. Which of the following will earn you a victory in battle?
>> destroy the enemy's crystal

4. Which of the following Skins is not a season reward skin?
>> Slumber Party - Nana

3. What's the attack speed limit?
>> 2.5

2. How do you get Saber's Codename - Storm Skin?
>> You can get it from the Magic Wheel

1. Which kind of item cannot be used to increase emblem levels?
>> Hero Fragments  

That is some of the Questions and Answers of the MLBB Quiz, if there is something not correct, please let me know so I can fix it Asap. And if what you looking for is not there, please put the question in the comment section so we can find the answer together.

Rule of The MLBB Quiz:
  • You can get one MLBB quiz by playing a classic/tank game
  • You can use your MLBB quiz in the Events Hall or in your bag to take part in ML Q&A
  • In ML Q&A, the more right answers you give, the more rewards you will get
  • in one ML Q&A, you have one chance to share the question to get the right answer
  • You can sell your MLBB quizzes to for BP, when this event ends.
 If you need further explanation of any answer, just let me know in the comment just in case I can help you on it.

Itu tadi adalah beberapa pertanyaan dan jawaban dari quiz MLBB, kalau ada yang kurang tepat maka mohon bantu koreksi. Dan jika yang kamu cari tidak ada disitu silahkan taruh di kolom komentar biar kita cari jawabannya.

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  4. What can you not get after killing a lord? Ans. Enhanced Health

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    Who has the most health of all the tank heroes?

  6. What's the highest number of Battle Points can you give to a friend in a single gift?
    >> 5

  7. Which of the following information is not displayed when viewing death info?
    >> Teammate information