28 Amazing Mobile Legends Hero Sketch Fanart by Gorillart79

Some of Mobile Legends Character fanart made by Gorillart79. The drawing style used are Monochromatic Sketch. I like the way that the artist put unique pose of the heroes at the drawing. That's much better than just copying their pose on the wallpaper.

There are a lot of pictures created by him and I here only provide 28. You can see another creation by him by visiting his instagram page.

According to his IG Profile, He drew the sketch using his Drawing Pen and Paper. Yhea, he doesn't use digital device and apps or something like that.

Some of images he drew are really badass looking, that's why I like his drawing so much and I think it deserved to be noticed by Mobile Legends Players.

Gorillart79, according to his blog his name is Dipa Radityatama Azuri, from Indonesia.
Instagram: Gorillart79
Blog: Monogorilla

Alright here they are: 

1. Chou - Hip hop boy breakdancing

2. Lancelot epic skin - Matador monochrome sketch

3. Moskov - Yasha Fanart Sketch - Season 7 Skin

4. Legendary Saber skin - Codename: Storm

5. Roger february 2018 Starlight skin, Anubis

6. Alucard Viscount skin pose like a king.

7. Balmond Bestial Might/Barbaric Might sketch

8. Badass Lapu-lapu Imperial Champion

9. Unity in diversity, Gatotkaca the Mighty Guardian

10. Roger Human side and Roger Werewolf side fanart

11. Franco - August 2017 Starlight Membership

12. Argus the Dark Draconic - November 2017 starlight member

13. Mosov Snake Eue Commander - Mei 2017 SL Member

14. Karrie Elite Skin Bladed Mantis

15. Clint Couple Valentine 2017 Skin fanart, Gun and Roses

16. Alucard Child of The Fall Sketch

17. Grock fanart, the walking castle.

18. Monochrome style Cyclops Super Adventurer

19. Harley teenager version of the Naughty Joker

20. Chou's time limited event skin, Dragon Boy

21. Roger the dire wolf hunter

22. Hayabusa Future Enforcer

23. Chou Kick boxing skin the King of the Fighter

24. Apocalypse agent - Yi sun-shin smoking

25. Zilong Ultimate Mode

26. Sun and his doppelgangers - Battle Buddha

27. Moskov - Spear of Bone Dragon fanart

28. YSS - The Spirit of Navi

There are also some collaborative fanart by Gorillart79 and another artist. Here are two of them:

1. Colored version of Clint. Collab with Rizkiaudi

2. Franco Starlight. Collab with Samdesign

That's the Monochromatic style fanart of Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes made by Gorillart79 which is shared publicly by him. 

By the way, it's called monochrome because it's not just black and white. At first you might guess it's a pencil sketch but when you see it again it's actually a pen sketch.

This is just some of them. The Artist are keep updating his drawing on instagram or other social media as mentioned on the early paragraph, you may follow him to get newest images. 

Hope you like it. Thank you for visiting.

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