Tips on Using Tanks in Mobile Legends

In order to increase the amount of tank users in mobile legends, I initiate to create this post because tank user are not as many as other role users.

Tanks have important role in the team, they took damages from many enemies at the same time in order to protect teammates or to initiate war and crowd control.

But less people want to take this role because yhea..., a lot of thing like you are more likely to be a sand sack, a meat shield, less KDA, minimum graphic stats, being called noob all the time because you died a lot protecting them, etc.

But, those are most likely to happen in Grand Master tier or below. in Epic, Legend or above, there are a lot of GG Tanker and you should understand at least one or two tank to stay or climb that rank.

Tips on Using Tanks in Mobile Legends

1. Believe in your team
Doesn't matter if you play solo or party, the main capital of using tank is believing your team. Believe that they are reliable or can cover you when you crowd controlling enemy or being beaten like a sand sack.

2. Understand the Hero's Skills you are using
Understand what your hero can do. Such as Mino, his ult could make the enemy airborne in a large area. Akai could pin the enemy in the wall, Franco, use his hook to get the important hero on the opposing side. etc.

3. Make sure your team are ready.
When about to go crowd controlling the enemies, make sure your partner or team are ready. You can see if their ultimate skill are available by seeing the green dot on their avatar beside the match score.
Make sure too that the enemy are in their attack range so it will be easier for them to wipe the enemy out.

4. Do not hesitate
When you are engaging the enemy, don't look like a hesitant person. Like going forward, like not, going forward, and then go back again. Your enemy can read the hesitation on your face and they are more likely to attack your team. Just go ahead with confident. Believe your team could cover you well.

5. Use Defensive gears
This is a plain thing, but some tanker actually uses damage dealer build on their hero and its really annoying and fail ridiculously.

6. Spell
The most used spell for tanker currently is "Petrify". It could damage the enemy a little and stun them. Some people uses Healing Spell since it adds 15% of your HP.

7. Emblem and Talent
Use Tank Emblem to increase your "tankyness" lol is that even a word? and Tank talents. If you want to improve your DPS while clearing minions you can consider using physical emblem and talent.

8. Potion
If all your item are bought but the game still going, buy the Yellow Potion to increase your defense.

That's all from me, if you want too add more tips or correct the post please input it on the comment. Thank you.

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