Tips on using Marksman (MM) in Mobile Legends

Marksman is usually the main damage dealer on the team. Almost all new player on this game use this role as a starter role. However, many of the players play it not quite right, waste its important role.

Sometimes I feel annoyed to see people scramble on MM and insist on not to lose it, but when it come to the game, they are not even reliable. Here are some tips that hopefully help you become a reliable marksman.

Tips on using Marksman (MM) in Mobile Legends

1. Must be good at maintaining distance
Despite having a great damage output, MM have a thin HP, if you meet Zilong and he combo skill you, your HP might lost more than a half. Take advantage of having a long shooting range, even better if you shoot behind a tank or fighter.

2. You should be able to farm and level up fast
Perhaps many don't know, the reason why MM in middle lane is so that s/he could farm left jungle and right jungle. That way you can level up and create your item faster. Buy Jungle item to make you farm faster, and use Retribution Spell if necessary.

3. Take a good position
When team fight (war), try to have a good position where it will be difficult for the enemy to catch you. Even better if you attack the enemy from the bushes.

4. Don't go forward recklessly
When on a team fight or at least 2 vs 2, don't go forward without a good consideration. This is usually the fatal mistake of the MM. Just because all its item has bought, has the most kill and damage., doesn't mean you can go at the front of team fight. You will just get catch and killed that way and your team lose.

5. Item build focus on Attack speed, Crit attack and Lifesteal.
MM uses attack speed because they more likely to use basic attack rather than their skills. Critical damage will brings ekstra damage to target. And lifesteal will help you survive since you doesn't buy defensive items.

Some MM better uses burst damage item like Clint or Lesley, which means you better build critical item for them first.

6. Understand the skill of hero you are using
Each MM have their own skill and technique, some have escape mechanism, some skill are strengthen their attack and speed up their attack speed. Master their skill so you can use them maximally.

7. Don't go alone too far
MM is always a soft target for fighter or Assassin. So don't go alone or solo too far without reading the situation and condition because I am afraid you are just die stupidly. The longer time you waste waiting for respawn, the item your items created.

8. Buff
Try to get one of any buff in the jungle each time they respawned. It will increase your stats for a while.

9. Spell 
Marksman spell used the most is Inspire (formerly called Fury) it's increase you attack and attack speed. But there are also a lot of users using Retribution to farm faster. For MM that has no escape skill like Layla its better to use Flicker. Just what you need the most.

10. MM Emblem and Talent 
There are various Emblem for marksman but I can't say Marksman Emblem is the best. My favorite is Jungle Emblem since it help to farm really fast. Newer account usually use Physical Emblem and Older account use Assassin Emblem. So... basically just use what you need the most.

11. MM Potion
Use energy potion in the late game to boost your stats for a while.

That's the tips from me. If you want to add or correct the post please let me know in the comment. Thank you.

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