Tips on Using Fighters in Mobile Legends

Fighters are melee or close combat attacker. Their basic stats are pretty balanced on attack and defense. Most of fighters have charge ability  (hero ability or skill that specialized to maneuver advance towards the enemy at their best speed in an attempt to engage in close combat. Freya, Zilong, Balmond, Alucard, Lapu-lapu, etc are example of hero that have charge ability.

Fighters can have many roles in team fight depending on their skill. They could be a Crowd controller, damage dealer, turret steal and even Assassin.

Tips on Using Fighters in Mobile Legends

1. Know what your team needs
Fighter has a flexible role. You can be a damage dealer, a semi-tank or even a tank. If your team already have 3 damage dealer, for example: MM, Mage and Assassin, than you could be a semi tank or tank. because if you choose being damage dealer too, it will be easier for the enemy to wipe your team.

If your team only have one damage type such as Marksman and Mage, well then it's okay to set your role as damage dealer.

2. Use your Charge ability the right way
Charge ability can be used to maneuver toward the enemy quickly, and you can use it to runaway or escape from your opponent too. Navigate the direction you desired from your skill, not from the dial pad / virtual pad.

3. Clear the jungle anytime you can
Each time your lane is clean, check the jungle if there's a monster available. Killing jungle monsters will grants you gold and exp which makes you leveled up faster and your item can be bought faster. If necessary buy the second tier jungle item.

4. Understand your hero's ability/skill
Know what your hero can do and what they can't so you can use them maximally. For example: Alucard has more lifesteal when using ult, Zilong can destroy turret really fast and Balmond is a very good "finisher" even for Lord.

5. Build Deadly Blade if necessary
Deadly blade is an item to reduce enemy's HP regeneration. Some of your enemies might have really swift hp regen, even better if they have healer like Estes or Rafaela. This item also reduce regen ability from gear like haas's Claw and Bloodlust Axe, also from hero spellvamp skill.

6. Knowing what kind of lifesteal you need
There are 2 kind of life steal in this game, if you rely on attack speed like Zilong or Freya user then you can use Haas's Claw, Demon Hunter Sword or Endless Battle for lifesteal.
If you use Ruby or Balmond which more likely to use skill, then use Bloodlust Axe.

7. Wait your Tank to Open War
When going in to a team fight or war, Fighter is the second hero that go into the battle. Wait till a lot enemy released their stuns and ult. It's because fighters are fragile too especially who uses full damage build.

8. Spell
Just pick one according to your needs. If you farm a lot you can pick retribution. If you need more attack speed you can use Inspire. and other thing else.

9. Emblem and Talent
This one is also according to your need, there are even special emblem for jungler or roamer. Newer account usually uses Physical Emblem but older ones uses Fighter Emblem. Don't use magic emblem since all fighters are currently deals physical damage and not magic damage.

10. Potion
Energy Potion if you need more offense attribute, Rock Potion if you need more defense attribute.

That's all from me, if you want too add more tips or correct the post please input it on the comment. Thank you.

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