Tips on How to Get Maniac and Savage in Mobile Legends


This time I'll explain simply about how to get Maniac (Quadra kill) and Savage ((Penta kill) in Mobile Legends especially if you have never score any. And Recommended hero to score it.

- Keep in mind that scoring maniac and savage is about Skill and Luck, so you also need to know a lot about this game.

- Maniac and Savage are more likely to be happened in mid game or late game. This is because many of the turrets have been destroyed and both teams tend to gather rather than separate. In addition, in late game most of gear or weapons are bought so your damage will be pretty strong.

- Maniac and Savage are easier to do if your enemy are all pillowy, I mean there are no tank on their side.

- Maniac and Savage are more likely to be happened in Base area, sometimes in our base, sometimes in enemy base.

-  Maniac and Savage usually obtained by carry or damage dealer.

- It will be easier for you if you can vanish enemy's main damage dealer first.

- From some information above you should understand what to do. The next is to choose the right hero.

ML Recommended hero for Savage and Maniac

Karina and Fanny.

When using Karina, you need to understand timing and be patient, don't be just jump in to the enemies. Wait for your tank to open the war, and when the enemy's HP went half you can now spam your ult.

Fanny is usually come on ongoing war, her flexible mobility makes her easier to vanish enemy's main damage dealer and catch anyone who trying to runaway.

Here is the graphic stats of Karina Top Player. Well I can say he is the King of Karina, he is tz·Taiwanese. More than 300 Savage and more than 1000 Maniac.

Stats of the Fanny Top Player Evos·Oura

Freya, Alucard, Alpha

They are damage typed fighter with bood mobility. Alucard is more likely to use burst damage build. Freya and Alpha are more likely to relu on attack speed and critical attack.


Cyclops is a mage with full damage skill. His 2nd skill is also help him to move faster and catch the enemy easier. He could also clean the jungle monster quickly.

One of cyclops user that scored a lot of savage and maniac, S̶S̶|~ Hαяυ°


All MMs could score Maniac and savage. Especially Miya, moskov and Irithel.

Marksmen (and markswomen?) are easier to get maniac or savage because they build attack attribute from the beginning of the game. Their attack are ranged and also protected by tank and fighter.

One of the MM that have a lot of maniac and savage, Miya user, Louvre Kyz.

Altohugh maniac and savage scorer are dominated by MM, you should still pay attention to the composition of the team. Do not too much MM on the team, one is enough.

Tank and support are rarely scored savage or maniac. There are indeed who can but rarely.

Other things you need to know is a lot of user created new account called smurf account to get savage and maniac. This is because the enemy battle skill is low and some of them even not paying attention on their HP when fighting. These kind of things are not recommended because it's ruined the game balance.

Those are some tips from me. If there are things need to be added or corrected please let me know so we can make this post better. Thank you.

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