One Piece Bounty Rush Reached 300,000 Pre-Registered Users

One Piece Bounty Rush is a game created by Bandai Namco Entertaintment. The game doesn't released yet but they already opened a pre-registration on google playstore for Android users.

The game was greeted with enthusiasm by player around the world, especially one piece fan. Currently at least 300,000 participant have joined the pre-registered session and get the 4-star Shanks as a reward.

The thing is there are no clear information about the release date, people keep asking but there are no answers yet until now. Seems like the publisher still looking for more people to join the pre-registration because they just update the rewards if the participant reach 400,000 and 500,000.

400,000 Bounty Coins + 10 Rainbow Diamonds for 400,000 participants and Unique Skill Treasure for Shanks + 10 Rainbow Diamonds for 500,000 participants.

I am - as a manga reader - really waiting for this game to be released. One Piece Bounty Rush is about Berry Stealing competition with team cooperation. I watch the trailer on their official page and it looks like a moba game but kinda different.

You too can Pre-Register the game on Google Play, the faster we get 500k participant the better rewards we will get.

Information and Picture Reference: OPBR Official Web

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