Mobile Legends Tips for Novices / Newbies

For you guys who just begin playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and never tried Moba Games. before. 

Moba itself stands for Massively Online Battle Arena. Game genre that also known as modern real time strategy involved online multiplayer fight against another team in the battle arena.

Moba games are pretty popular among PC Players, such as Dota II and League of Legends. Nowadays, there are a lot of Moga games for Phone user, such as VainGlory, Heroes Arena, Heroes Evolved, Arena of Valor, etc.

Here are the Tips for Beginner in Mobile Legends: 

1. Frequently look at your HP Bar
One of beginner mistake is too busy fighting without paying attention on Health bar, when you notice it you are alredy dead. If your HP is approximately 20% remaining, and it doesn't seem like has advantage to you or your team, just leave it immadiately and go home or recall to recharge you HP.

2. Don't be too selevtive when picking Hero
All hero are basically good, and it's all depends on the pilot. Don't get yourself frustrated just because you don't have an "expensive" hero, or your favorite hero already picked by other. Basic heroes like Layla, Zilong and Saber are used by a lot of user even in Mythic Division.

3. Tips to master a hero
If you have tried a lot of hero and found the most comfortable hero for you. And the just use the hero as much as you can and find the guide to use hero from various source.

4. Focus on destroying turret
This game is about destroying enemy base and not about killing score. So don't let yourself and your teammates too busy looking for kill.

5. Frequently look at the map
You should frequently look at the map, because a lot of thing can be known just by looking at it. for example: your friend got ganked, your tower is being stolen, a chance to destroy enemy's turret, etc.

If you guys have anything to just ask please just ask it in the comment. Thank you._

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