Mobile Legends Match Mode

There are several match mode in Mobile Legends such as Classic, Ranked, Brawl, Custom and AI. Each mode has its own function.

CLASSIC (formerly Match Up Mode)

 A casual mode, where you can play without worrying about your rank, but still need to be serioues because it's affect your Win Rate.

You can also try free rotation heroes here. So you can decide whether you are going to buy it or not.

Ranked Game

A mode where you need to play seriously, because the result affects your rank. Its better to play with friends than playing solo. Use hero or role you are good at but don't being selfish because Team Composition are important too.

As your rank got higher, you will meet various of players too, and your skill will be improved as you keep playing. Epic tier and above will start the game with Draft and Pick Mode.

Brawl Mode

A mode with straight lane. You start the game at level 2 and 800 gold, and you can't heal yourself in the base/fountain. Most spell used are Healing Spell, having a healer are really an opportunity in this mode.

Custom Mode

A place where you can learn or research about a hero or gear, or other feature such as spell and emblem.

Here you can decide what you like to be your enemy or teammate. It can be computer or other player too.

Here you can do a 1 vs 1 (by one) with another player, you can do squad sparing too. There are seat for referee.

Human VS AI

A good place to try a hero or practicing. You and other players will fight agains AI/Computer and you can choose classic/brawl/draft pick mode.

Hope this help you to understand about game modes in Mobile Legends.

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