Mobile Legends Hero Roles

There are six kind of heroes in Mobile Legends and each hero has it own role, Some of them have 2 roles. Those six roles are Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support.


Tank is a type of hero that has High HP and high Defense, but their physical attack are below average. The tank is usually at the forefront of the war, its task to become a shield for fighter / assassin / mage / marksman and support behind it. With its durability as a hero, the tanks are excellent for crowd-controlling the opponent, break their formation and allowing your carry to reduce the number of opponents.

Heroes included in this type are: Tigreal, Franco, Minotaur, Akai, Johnson, Gatotkaca, Grock, Hylos and Lolita


Fighter is a melee type hero. Fighter heroes has a high defense and attack in general. Most of them have charge ability to jump into the enemy or runaway from them. Some of their job is to distract the target while you're teammates attacking the target. Fighters are really good when it come to a 1 vs 1 battle. But when it comes to team fight, fighters must be really careful since tank and mages could easily stun them.

Heroes included in this type are: Balmond, Bane, Yun Zhao, Alucard, Freya, Chou, Sun, Alpha, Ruby, Hilda, Lapu-lapu, Roger, Argus and Jawhead.


Assassin is a type of hero who has high physical attack could kill the target really fast. They spend a lot of time farming in the jungle. These guys  are usually roam to top / bottom lane, so don't be surprised if the an assassin likes to appear suddenly and then help or kill. Assassin are more likely to target the ADC/Carry on the enemy team because it's very helpful for our team in reducing the pressure from the enemy.

Heroes included in this type are: Lapu-lapu, Natalia, Saber, Karina, Hayabusa, Alucard, Lancelot, Helcurt, and Fanny.


Mages are heroes who could deal a lot of damages to the enemy. The damages are more likely from their skill, and not from their basic attack. Mage heroes uses a lot of Mana since they are always casting skills. Mages have Low defense but most of them have a "disable" skill which could make the enemy immobile. 

You have to be really good at keeping distance if you want to use mage hero.

Heroes included in this type are: Eudora, Gord, Alice, Aurora, Cyclops, Vexana, Harley, Odette, Zhask, Pharsa and Kagura

Marksman (MM)
Marksman is a type of hero with long range attack. They are more likely to become carry / adc in late game. MM are more likely to use basic attack rather than Skills. When using this hero, be smart to keep the distance with the opponent, because their don't develop HP build.  

Marksmans are really depends on items/gears. That's you should be good at farming too, to make your gear bought faster. Attack speed, Critical dan Lifesteal is the most used items for mm.

Heroes included in this type are: Miya, Bruno, Clint, Layla, Yi Sun-shin, Moskov, Karrie, Irithel and Lesley.


Support heroes don't really have high offense or defense. But they could make the entire team stronger, some of them have the ability to heal and some of them are really good for single crowd control.

Using support heroes are really recommended if you have a good teammates.

Heroes included in this type are: Rafaela, Minotaur, Nana, Diggie and Angela

That's is a simple explanation of each hero role/type in Mobile Legends. You will understand it more if you play the game often. Because it will be too long if I write every details here. Thanks for reading. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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