Mobile Legends Hero Quotes / Voices Collection

A collection of  hero quotes (their voices in words) on Mobile Legends. It is very nice to know what words are our hero is saying. Almost all hero quotes provided here.

These Hero quotes are collected from a lot of source, such as Group Fb Official, Group FB Official Indonesia, etc. The main source are Fandom Mobile Legends di Wikia.

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Layla Quotes / Words / Voice

When picking the hero: We can do it

Keep it up until you are as brilliant as me
I will drive away the darkness 
Time to Shine!

Zilong Quotes / Words / Voice  (formerlyYun Zhao / Zhao Yun)

Zhao dragonborn is here

It would take an army to stop me
Heroes Never Fade
Haha! Your whole body are weakspot!
Only the fearless heart can sort of the heavens
Your impudence will not be tolerated
There's glory and redemption in every death..   

Freya Quotes / Words / Voice

I answer the call! From now on my sword will always be with you

I understand. It's my pleasure to take part in this battle
God witness everything that happens here 

Eudora Quotes / Words / Voice

Lets see who has the last laughs

Would you like to have a drink with me?
We still... have a score to settle

Miya Quotes / Words / Voice

Wise choice

I can handle that
It's better to die with honor than live in shame 

Where do you think you going?, you can't outrun my arrows
It's great to meet you, my friends 
I can hit your left eye in miles away
Arrow find your target 

Walk in the darkness, dance with the stars (Legend Skin Modena Butterfly)

Fanny Quotes / Words / Voice

Sir,What's your command?
War is not a game

For victory!

Minotaur Quotes / Words / Voice

My hammer is at your behest

Tonight, I feast on the flesh of fools.
I have a hammer to swing 
My hammer have no fear
Now I'm angry 
I truly hope to cross-blade with you again

Rafaela Quotes / Words / Voice

Healing prayers for you

Knowledge and faith are always my companions
Wherever I go, pain flees  
Healing for everyone

Franco Quotes / Words / Voice

I love the smell of gun powder in the morning

Real fighter never run
And then, I'll teach you guys a lesson 
One Shot, One Kill
Chiken wing...

Alice Quotes / Words / Voice

Watch your back

Do you know someone named Jack? 
The darkness can also be friend
Turn everything to darkness
Where there is light, there is shadow

Natalia Quotes / Words / Voice

Where is my target?

One life is just enough
What's the truth?
Give me names, and I will give you a blood
Faith forces me to become an assassin
Truly wise man will not tell you the truth
Searching for the light while working on the dark
It wasn't me to choose gate of light but the king chose me

Clint Quotes / Words / Voice

Time to wreak!

Reach for the sky!
Too Easy 
Light em' up and knock em' down!
I've gotta bullet with your name on it 
Let them eat cake

Alucard Quotes / Words / Voice

Nothing lasts forever,we can change the future

Hehhey, Not bad

Why do human cry?
Everything will come to an end 
I'll be back |

New Alucard:
"Enjoy your last meal!"

"I'll never be your friend." 
"Killing is always better than giving mercy."
"Everything will come to an end."

"Haha, not bad.
"Let me show you the art of killing!"
"I smell the stinks of monsters."
"I don't want to die.." 

Estes Quotes / Words / Voice

Hello, my friend

Love others as love yourself
Holy Light will grant me victory
I am only a shepherd
Made in the Holy Light  
Darkness is the other side of light
I am the choosen one

Ugh..I believe in resurrection

Johnson Quotes / Words / Voice

C'mon, Lets roll!
Boom Paw!  
I love rushing in the lighting speed!
Hey youngster, need a ride?
Installment of vechicle missiles is a must for safe driving

A pair of powerful pliers is important to fix both tires and people. |
Hold tight! I'm stepping on the gas!
Autobots? Sounds familiar.

Sun Quotes / Words / Voice

I hope they're stronger than me 

is there a ninja stolen my skill doppelganger?
The blood of Monkey will never die 
Take this!  
Go Boy!!!

Kagura Quotes / Words / Voice

Thought to miss you, another to hate

Curse, simply means restriction 
I thought you are very lonely 
There are two kind of people in the world 
They're hundred of monster living in my umbrella
The umbrella is Yang, the human is Yin

Do you want to be my Shinigami?  

The ult: Shogyo Mogyo (please correct me if I am wrong) 

Hayabusa Quotes / Words / Voice

Let me Clear the way for my master

Shadow is my best partner
Have you seen any other ninja?
Betrayal must be paidback by blood!
The shadow will pierce you
Hey, mind your weakness!
Witness the true power of the shadow!
Body must obey the mind
I will not escape, that's the way of the ninja!       

Ruby Quotes / Words / Voice

The hunt begins!

I love the feeling of chasing prey
Are you shivering?
Taking a life
Hmmm... a beast or a man 
I washed my hook with blood 
The wolf is coming
Ugh.. How our...our wolf is vanishing? Ahuhu 

Moskov Quotes / Words / Voice

The path of vengeance burns me 

Everyone changes, so do I
Death is required
Death is quiet and pleasant
I've already fallen to the abyss

Spear of destiny hit me and I will hit you

Struggle and Resistance are useless 
I can't die, not now. 

Gord Quotes / Words / Voice

There's no time to chit chat
I'm not the devil, I'm the demon
Open your mind
Mystic magic is so wonderful.
You will never learn
Stop pissing me off, or I'll destroy you! 
Imagination is the driving force of the energy.

Akai Quotes / Words / Voice

Lets go out and relax

Come on gimme some food
You just need to believe. You have to believe it.
I'm not fat just chubby
Why am I crying? Because of onions!
There is no coincidences in this world
Let's roll!
Yesterday has become the past, the future is not yet...known 
I'm still very charming

Saber Quotes / Words / Voice

Kill all at once
Move like the wind, be steady like a rock.
I am reborn! (Legend Skin Codename : storm) 
Channel your energy, and master your enemy!
I'm a man, with sad stories.
I am worthy opponent

Too slow. 
There is no swordsmanship I can't master
I move like wing. 

Alpha Quotes / Words / Voice

Test, Alpha is online

Alpha isn't my name, it just a code
Why must people, Hurt each other?

We're not a weapon, we're also human
Sometimes I think about girls 
Time to upgrade the system
Wherever I go, They'll follow
May the force be with you

Chou Quotes / Words / Voice

Wipe out fully injustice in the world

The man who can beat me has not been born yet
Not knowing oneself, that's the worst.
In the world of Kung Fu, speed defines the winner
Boxing is not the way to hurt somebody but in order to 
Everybody has started this somewhere

Hilda Quotes / Words / Voice

The real warrior is here!

Get out of the way!
Charge! Don't be a jelly!
I... never go to a gym.
A good soldier needs both brain and guts 
Unbelieveable... Ugh...

Lolita Quotes / Words / Voice

I will protect you 

A painless lesson is also meaningless 
Dont worry my friend, I'm your shield
Rocket hammer 
I detest war! 

Yi-Sun-Shin Quotes / Words / Voice

Oceans are my domain
Sailing into the sea
I will not fail the mission
Time to attack.
War is a national event.

Fight to the last second. 
I'm loyal to my nation.
Wherever title ship go, the seas belong to me
Enemies are peeping at our land. 

Nana Quotes / Words / Voice

Adventure is waiting for us 

Meow meow meow meow
I'll get angry if you poke me again
I can make different kinds of mushrooms in this forest

Cyclops Quotes / Words / Voice

You've got a good case! Woo! Ahh. ah ahh.. ahaha.. Hey, ah.. hahaha!

Universe and the gravitation determines planetary interaction!
Hey! I'm here, big guy!
Where there's life, there's movement!
Planetary movement... give me magic! 
Never seen someone handsome with one eye?
The holy light grant me to victory

Balmond Quotes / Words / Voice

What's your name boy?

Fool! Let me show you the demonic power! 
My hell of fire will burn you into ashess
Taste the Fury of Hell 
Another reckless fool 

Karina Quotes / Words / Voice

My pleasures

There are wonderful things in this world, worthy of our protection
Aside evil, there is justice  
Nothing can stop us

Bane Quotes / Words / Voice

Target locked

No need to rush to die kid
Dodging is no use
This is how you wanna get shot?  

Tigreal Quotes / Words / Voice

For honor!
AHAHAH! A true hero has come to help 
Go on! sound the horn of victory
A warrior's duty, is to bring victory
A real man never hides in a bush 
Slay them all  

Aurora Quotes / Words / Voice

Listen to the sound of snowing |
Small and bright, clear and white
Come with the wind
The ice... melts away... 
Follow your heart
Ice, doesn't fear 

Wants some ice?
Stronger than yesterday 

Rage on hurricane! 

Bruno Quotes / Words / Voice

Wait for it 

Hey, very nice kick.. give me the ball
Oh sorry 
Woohoo! You feel that? 
I'm on top of the world!
Ball away

Lapu-lapu Quotes / Words / Voice

Fight along with my blade

Kill kill kill
Enemy Spotted
The light of victory is before me
March forward and fear nothing!
Enemies are many, and I am alone. But once slashed, I'll kill them all!

Vexana Quotes / Words / Voice

From look of you, you seem scared
Die for me
You will all become my slave
They will come to my peaceful land.
Now is your time to suffer!
Fear not! I will love you like a pet.
Hahahaha, I have come

Roger  Quotes / Words / Voice

A gun is not my only weapon!
I'm not alone in this fight!
I feel a strange power... cursing to my body!
You... will also be cursed!
My power... is fading...
You can't get away!
Taste the mighty of my bullet

You will also be cursed

Karrie Quotes / Words / Voice

Spin spin. Keep up the rithm 
I’ve Been Waiting For Too Long
Speed, Precision, and Strength.
One Strike, One Kill !
Faster and faster! 

Gatotkaca  Quotes / Words / Voice

We are unity in diversity
Muscle of Iron, Bones of steel 
Om Telolet om
No Pain, No gain

I am Legend
Legend never surrender

Argus Quotes / Words / Voice

"All shall perish by my sword...Ahhh....."

Power is eternity
"Become One With the Sword"
Immortality or Death
"Let my sword hear your last words."
"Justice is the last refuge of the weakness."
"Fight... The enemies!"


Harley Quotes / Words / Voice

Hahaha... I'll show you my magic
"Time for me to make entrance"
"You still a long way for beating me"
"I have special attack technique" 

"I am the best in being handsome"
"Only one as handsome as I is worthy of such beautifull magic"
"Burning on the magic"
"hey... Dont touch thehair"

"you cant hide from my attack"

"This can't be... "  

Irithel Quotes / Words / Voice

Let's go
Don't be lazy Leo, run!
My tiger has been with me many years
Chase me!
You can't run!
Let's fight with me side by side.

Grock Quotes / Words / Voice

Welcome to my castle my friend

"Grock likes sleeping"
"Grock is powerful" 
"Let grock go first"
"Grock, doesn't want to be your enemy"
"Sorry, i didn't mean to push you" 
"Did you ever seen an ancient one?"

"So Tired... I'm go sleep"

Odette Quotes / Words / Voice

"The dance of the swans, is so graceful and charming."

"Don't tell anybody that I can't swim." 
"Have you ever seen the dawn of swan lake? It is beautiful." 
"The sword, is a gift." 
"Don't ask me why a mage is carrying a sword." 
"Why are they staring at me?" 
*Hums a tune* 


"Where.. Is he..?" 

Lancelot Quotes / Words / Voice

Time to witness the handsome! 

"In me, the tiger sniffs the rose."  
"Odette, beautiful Odette." 
"Let me hear your applause." 
"My sword thirst for bloods."
"Taste this."
"Become one with the sword." 

"Shadow power, execute!"

"My... My sword" 

Diggie  Quotes / Words / Voice

"Hoot Doot, Horology is my craft, Diggie is my name"

"Master Rooney is my idol"
"Is my clock broken?".
"Did my clock just stop working?"
"May I study your watch for a second?"
"Hoot hoot.. doot doot.. hoot hoot.. doot doot.. bluwbluwbluwbluwbluw"
"I have a clumsy new apprentice called Einstein!"
"Running late? Just slow down the time"

"Time is science!"

"You're so lame!"
"A star will disappear if you lose!"
"Wrong item of choice!"
"Diggie Perfume!"

 "Time... is slowing... down"

"Diggie is back!"

Hylos Quotes / Words / Voice

My mission is to protect lives."

"Stay near to me! you shall become stronger"
"hmmp! you cannot beat me."
"I will only rest when there is peace."
"Protect the fairy forest, protect my people."
"You shall fear me."
"Charge forward and fear nothing."
"Outsider, now on trimble."     

"Is there any blood left in me?

Zhask  Quotes / Words / Voice

"Haha... Grovel before your king, humans" 

"Look in my eyes... and LISTEN!"
"Intrudy is inevitable!"
"The Nightmare is everywhere!"
"Fear is a weapon!"
"In Kastiya... ignorance is DEATH!"

 Helcurt Quotes / Words / Voice

Night has fallen... let the killing... BEGIN!

"I'll be the LAST thing you'll ever see"
"What does my poison TASTE like?"
"I am death INCARNATE!"
"(Evil laugh)... Your DEATH... doesn't concern me"

"Kill... KILL!"
"Scream, my PREYS...(evil laugh)"
"I'll.. devour... THE LIGHT!"

Parsha Quotes / Words / Voice

"Payback time!"

"Nothing will stop my justice"
"You don't know how close death is"
"The higher you fly, the more you see"
"Verri, let us spread our wings"
"I am driven by revenge"
"Revenge has blinded me"
"Feel my pain" 

 "Now... it all finally ends"

Lesley Quotes / Words / Voice

"Sniper ready. Give me a target."

"Come a little closer!"
"Hehe... I am neither the hungry wolf... nor the sacrificial lamb."
"Enemy in range! And you are too."
"Hehehe... remember to tell my brother... it's dinner time! He..."
"You won't even know I've missed."
"Dead before they knew me!"
"Sings (Crosshair lock you down, death kisses you on the forehead)"
"One shot, one kill."
Jawhead Quotes / Words / Voice

"It... is my job to protect her."
"Is Jawhead strong for you?"
Other Heroes Quotes, since it is too full here already, you can just check the link for the heroes you need.

Some of hero quotes includes their quotes when we pick them, when using skill, and when the hero dies.

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