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When reading or discussing with friends, there may be some terms you do not understand. Here I will try to give you a some common terms among Mobile Legends Players and the definition. If there is another term that has not been written here please write in the comment so that this file will be updated soon.

Most of the terms I written here are English terms, there might be another language beyond my knowledge, you can write it on the comment, just in case I know what it means.


Ace Player: Key Player, Player with high influence on the team.
ADC (Attack Damage Carry) : Player with high damage who carry the game.
AFK (Away from Keyboard) : Refer to Player that disconnected from the game, some of these are not intended, sometimes it happen outside their control (e.g; network error, or server error). The worst ones are those players who intentionally AFK.
AI: Artificial Intelligence, better known as a computer. for example: Human VS AI Mode = Human VS Computer. And when you AFK, Your character could be taken over by a computer.
Assist: You will more likely get an assist point when you help a teammate to make a kill.
Attack Speed: an attribute to make you attack the enemy faster.


Bot : Bottom Lane
Bot (2): Sometime this term refer to Robot. Like: "he is AFK, His hero taken over by a bot"
Buff: Effect or attributes that helps you in the game.
Buff (Refer to Hero Buff): an adjustment to make the hero better than before.
Build: This term are more likely refer to item build or gear build. It's about how you choose the best gear for you. and it might be different gear used in each situation.
Bush: Bush or Grass in the battle arena where you can hide. It makes you invisible for a while. 


Cancer Player: Players that make other player in the game uncomfortable, for example: players that feed the enemy intentionally
Carry: Carry is just like ADC
CD (CoolDown) : Time needed until you can use your Skill/Spell/Gear Effect or other feature again.
CDR: Cooldown Reduction
CN: Change Name/Change Nick, you will need a Change Name Item to change your in-game Name

Crit: Critical attack, in most of games, critical attack is an attack with extra damage. for example your normal damage is 100, but has bonus from crit damage so it could be 150 or even 200 damage dealt in total.


Counter Jungle: Jungling/farming in the enemy's jungle area. Also known as Overfarm.
Creep: Minion, Some player use this term instead of minion. 


Disable: A skill or ability to disable hero movement like Stun, Polymorph, Freeze, and Airborne.
DPS: Damage Per Second, is calculation of average damage you dealt every second.


Early Game: Earlier time of the game, when everyone's level is small and your gear is just one or two.
Epic Comeback: Won the game after losing the score far enough.


Farming: Monster hunting in jungle area to get more gold and exp.
Feed/Feeder: is a term for player that dies a lot in a match. This is detrimental to the team because the opposing team got scores, exp, and gold each time a teammate was killed. Team member(s) are said to be a feeder if the number of deaths is over 40% of the total number of team deaths, and its kill or assist is below average. if you have one like this in your team, its better to teach them the better way instead of flaming them.
Fountain : The place where you spawn every time you enter the game or recalling.


Gears: Item arrangement for heroes, could be different for each heroes even if the same role. You can change the arranged gear in a match according to your situation.
GG: Good game.
GGWP: Good Game Well Played. Usually being said if the game is good and you play pretty wellMeans “Good Game/Good Game, Well Played”, commonly said at the end of the game, whether you are winning or losing. To respect team mates and opponents for giving great game experience..
God Among Men: An appraisal from the game if you made a lot of kill without dying.


Harass: teasing your enemy to attack you back.
IGN (In-Game Name): your name in the game.
Imba: Imbalance, mostly refer to heroes that are way too strong / over powered.


Jungling: monster hunting in the jungle area to get more exp and gold. Also know as farming.


KDA (Kill, Death, Assist) : is a ratio of Kill, Death and Assist of the game. the equation is (KILL + ASSIST) : (DEATH+1). so as if you Kill 10, you Assist 5 and your Death 2, hten it will be  (10+5) : (2+1) = 15 : 3 = 5, so your KDA is 5 in that match.
Note: The equation used in KDA are different with the equation used in MVP
Kill: Killing an enemy in the match/game. Grants the team 1 score per kill.

KS (Kill Steal) : Stealing kill from friend by last hitting their prey. KS also used a lot in Turtle or Lord Killing.


Late Game: When most of the player have high level and maxed items.
Legend: Legend Division
Legendary: Kill enemy 7 times or more without dying.
LifeSteal: an ability to absorb enemy's HP and make it your own by doing basic attack. This effect mostly obtained from gears such as Haas's Claw, Tooth of Greed, Endless Battle, Rose gold meteor, etc.
Lord: Strongest Monster in the jungle, once you slay it, it will help you destroy the enemy's base.


Mabar (Main Bareng): Indonesian term for playing as a team/party. 
Magic Penetration: Item or attributes that used to penetrate the opponent's magic resistance.
Magic Resistance: Defense against magic damage.
Map Blind: People that are too focus on killing or farming without caring about whats going on on the map.
Meta: Strong, or can be too strong too. The word Meta could be mean "Unusual" or "Used by a lot of players", depends on the context the word are used.
Mid : Middle Lane
Minion: Those little creature that helps you destroying the opponent's turret
MM: Marksman, hero with ranged attack.
Moba: Game genre that also known as modern real time strategy involved online multiplayer fight against another team in the battle arena. Unlike traditional real time strategy, MOBA doesn’t involved unit or building constructions and each player control a single hero at once.
MVP: the best team member that get the highest overall score in the end of game..


Nerf: Negative reformation of a hero or an item.
Newbie: Novice, beginner

Noob: Novice, beginner, sometime also written as Nob, Newb, Nub, Nab.


OP (Over Powered): Too strong, could refer to a hero, gear or skill.
Open War
: Player who initiate to open a war, a war usually opened by Tank Players.


Physical Penetration: Attirbute that used to penetrate armor or physical defenses.
Poke: small attack to enemy.


Report: a feature to report someone who AFK, or cheating, or feeding, or low skill, or people with bad mouth.
Revamp: is the opposite of Nerf, ie fix/strengthen a hero or an item.
Ringer: winger, Obtained by player who scored a lot of assist.
Roam/Roaming: is a term for hero that roam around the battle arena, most likely Assassin users.


Single CC: Single Crowd Control,skill that disables single enemy
Solo Lane: taking care a lane alone
Solo Mid : taking care the mid lane alone
Spell : is some ability that you can choose after picking a hero. Like Flicker, Purify, Inspire, etc.
SPELLVAMP: SpellVamp is just like lifesteal, The difference is Spellvamp gives you HP from skill(s), not basic attack. Some item has this kind of attributes. Mostly used by mages and Assassins.
SS (ScreenShot): image produced by capturing your screen.
Stun : an ability to make target stunned, can't cast skills or attack for a specified time. this effect could be removed using purify ability.


Taunt: An abilitiy to make any hero attack you, or change their attack lock to you. One of the hero have this ability is Gatotkaca, good to make your damage dealer safe.

Tier: Rank Division.
Top : Top lane
Top Player: Top player on LeatherBoard.
Turtle: One of the jungle monster. Slaying it will grants Gold and Exp for entire teammate.


Ult (Ultimate): Your ultimate skill, most of are in skill 3, but some hero now have more than 3 skills such as Zhask, Kagura and Roger.


WR The Win Ratio (Could refer to a hero Winrate, Could refer to overall match too)

Hero Build Terms (Credit to Indra Setiawan)
Hero Builds : related to the equipment used by the Hero so we can use the desired effect maximally.
AS (Attack Speed) Build – Build focus on Attack Speed. 
AD (Attack Damage) Build – Build focus on increasing amount of damage each attack.
AP (Ability Power) Build – Build focus on increasing amount of damage from skills.
Tank Build – Build focus on increasing the Durability of the Hero
Team Buff Build – Build focus on increasing amount of stats boosted for the team.
Jungle Build – Build that helps farm faster.

For now this is all I can share about Mobile Legends Glossary or terminology. You can add it in the comment or ask if found a new ones.

Correct me if I am wrong.
Some of the terms added from: PCGuidePlus 

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