Mobile Legends Couple/Ships

There are two kind of couple/ship in Mobile Legends, Official Couple ships and Fan made couple ships.

Official couple/ships are the ones made or written by developer's team on their background. Some of them just giving some kind of a clue. Here they are;

Official Mobile Legends Couple/Ships

1. Clint and Layla

We don't really know they are a couple until their wedding skins released. It's not written in their background. It is somehow in valentine 2017, I don't remember. but I don't think it's a good idea to pair them since they are both Marksman.

2. Hayabusa and Kagura (Hayagura)

Hayabusa and Kagura were a childhood playmate. Kagura secretly follows Haya's step, hoping to be able to help him in battle. These are written in Kagura's Intro, and Fan actually like it.

They are both more likely from Japan since Hayabusa is a Ninja and Kagura is an Onmyouji Master. The ships are makes more sense since they are both powerful killer hero and different role, so they can be used in a game.

Kagura & Haya Fanart by Dhedei21

3. Lancelot and Odette

Well the devs clearly ships both of them, because it's written in their background that Lance enamoured with her purity and Odette developed unconditional love on him.

Also you can see that Odette bringing a sword, and it is a gift, you can guess where she got it from. And in the other side, Lancelot, says "Odette... beautiful odette" in every match.

Thay have a couple skin too back then in Christmas 2017.

4. Alucard and Miya (Alumi)

People have no clue about this coupleship until Devs release Couple Skin for Miya and Alucard for valentine 2018.

Many fans and artists disappointed about this match because most of them already ship Alucard for Ruby.

Sad Ruby FanArt by xfellix_callist edited by Mltoday

 5. Tigreal and Natalia (Natareal)

Devs give a clue on Natalia's Background, that Tigreal once Helped her escape a dangerous situation.
Yhea that doesn't mean Tigreal is in love with Natalia but the crowd (fans, players and artists) already start shipping on them.

TigrealxNata by Buns

Fan Made Mobile Legends Couple/Ships

1. Roger and Rafaela

A lot of people shipping Rafaela with Argus or Rafaela with Minotaur until Roger's and Rafaela's skins matched. Not sure if they have relationship in the past.

2. Chou and Aurora

Chou often represented as a perverted single guy until devs released Aurora's Spring Festival Skin (Chinese new year Skin). Both skin suits them perfectly and it melts some people's heart.

3. Zilong and Freya

4. Gossen and Angela

Well this is not a good idea since Gossen is human and Angela is an artificial human aka robot. Some people ships Gossen with Lesley and some other ships Gossen with Ruby.

5. Estes and Karina

Estes and Karina are both Elf different role. They are also kinda "green" on their outfit and skills.

 Art by Buns

6. Bruno and Lolita

Not really cool seeing the fact that female protecting the male but I guess it's okay since Lolita is a Tank. Besides they are actually protecting each other since Bruno could penetrate damage to enemies while being covered by her.

 Drawing by Dhedei21

7. Gatotkaca and Eudora

Seems like people start shipping Eudora with Gatotkaca because both of them surrounded by electricity. On the other side this is a perfect match based on role because Gatot is a Tank and it's always his job to protect Mage.


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  2. rafaela with minotaur u crazy fans

    still i thought gord x eudora becuz there was skins which match both of them

  3. Looking forward to granger x eudora