Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - Introductions

Mobile Legends Gameplay 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA (Massively Online Battle Arena) game for Mobile Devices. The game is about team fights, which each team consists of 5 players. The two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy the enemy's base while defending their own base. Teamwork and strategy have a big part in this game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developed and published by Moonton, currently downloaded more than 50 million by Android users. The game also available for iOS devices for iPhone users.

In each team, there are five players who each control a hero, from their own device. Weaker computer-controlled characters, called "minions", spawn at team bases and follow the three lanes to the opposite team's base, fighting enemies and turrets.

Game Modes

There are several types of matches in Mobile Legends, including; Classic Mode (Normal Mode), Ranked Game, Brawl Mode, Human vs AI, Custom Mode and in some particular event there will be a special mode like Halloween mode or Christmas mode. Each type of match has its own explanation which I will later explain in more detail for each type.

Heroes and Skins

There are currently 55 heroes and when I write this post and the last one released is Angela. And just like another Moba games, Skins are provided to make your heroes looks different, glorious, some of them are pricey but looks really good, event with custom in-game animation.

 You can obtain heroes via Shop using Battle Points and Diamonds. Some heroes are free for new players, some heroes can be bought using Tickets. Some heroes can be bought using Hero Fragment.

You can obtain Skins via shop too using diamonds. Some skins are obtained from starlight membership, events, limited time events, Lucky spin, Wheel, etc.


Each hero have their own specified role and its really affect how the teamwork works on the game. There are Six Role in Mobile Legends; Assassin, Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman and Support. I will explain further about this later.

I can say the game are pretty good and enjoyable, it has a lot of player so you don't spent to much time finding opponents in the matchmaking. I really like the host/narrator voice.

Kids installed this game too, and a lot of toxic players thinking they are better than anyone, so its not recommended to play solo unless you want to mute people kinda often.


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