50 Awesome MLBB Hero Mini Carricature by Defrikh

Mobile Legends Fanart made by Defrikh, Caricature drawing of Mobile Legends Character in their mini size. I can't say it's chibi drawing because chibi character suppose to be cuter and simple.

The images are awesome and I think Defrikh put his own coloring style.  There are a lot of pictures created by him and I here only provide 50. You can see another creation by him by visiting his instagram page.

According to his IG Profile, he uses Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for Android, yhea... he drew them using his phone. He also open for order and commission. 

Defrikh (Defri Kusuma Hendrata) is from Blitar, East Java, Indonesia.
Instagram: defrikh

Alright here they are: 

1. Gusion (Gossen) - Moonlight Sonata Skin 

2. Alucard Romantic Fantasy couple skin from the Valentine Event 2018.

3. Miya Sweet Fantasy Couple skin from Valentine Event 2018.

4. Bruno Best Dj Special Skin Caricature

5. Roger Anubis Mobile Legends Starlight Skin February 2018

6. Clint Gun and Roses couple skin from valentine event february 2017

7. Karina Spider Lily Fanart. Spider Lily is an Elite Skin for Karina.

8. Layla S.A.B.E.R Breacher caricature. S.A.B.E.R Breacher is an Epic skin for Layla.

9. Jawhead Boy Scout Skin Caricature. 

10. Lesley skin - Royal Musketeer. "Sniper Ready, give me a target".

11. Estes Epic Skin - Galaxy Dominator drawing

12. Yi Sun-shin Roguish Ranger. I like this skin, it looks like a very deadly assassin although he a marksman.

13. Chou Dragon Boy Skin caricature. If I am not wrong this skin was available at spring festival event back then in 2017.

14. Saber fullmetal Ronin Skin Caricature. Ronin was a samurai without lord or master during feudal japan period. But this one is with full of metal.

15.  Bestial Might/Barbaric Might skin for Balmond. I still don't know this skin has two name and at this point I am too afraid to ask.

16. A caricature of Seasonal Skin for season 6, Alpha Sea Gladiator.

17. Karrie January 2018 Starlight member (cmiiw) - Dargon Queen.

18. Pharsa Wings of Vengeance Skin.

19. Franco Wasteland butcher skin drawing

20. Sun Battle Buddha skin drawing

21. Illustration of Johnson bringing Jawhead and jawhead fire a rocket. This is amazing but you can't actually do this on game. If you fire a skill while ride with johnson you will automatically out.

22. Helcurt doodle

23. Freya starlight skin for starlight member of march 2017

24.Panda Akai Monk Elite skin

25. Lapu-lapu Imperial Champion Skin

26. Lancelot Caricature MLBB Assassin

27. Zhask Planes Dominator

28. Gatotkaca Mobile Legends caricature.

29. Hylos Snow Warden caricature.

30. Irithel Hellfire Caricature. Cute but scary.

31. Harley Naughty Joker the clown

32. Cyclops Super Adventurer

33. Karina Pirate look - Black Pearl

34. Argus Starlight Member Dark Draconic

35. Fanny Campus youth skin

36. Lolita Impish Trickster skin from Halloween 2017 event.

37. Alucard Epic Child of The Fall

38. Roger Halloween skin Dr. Beast

39. Hayabusa Spacetime Shadow Doodle

40. Zilong Epic Sin Dragon Knight

41. Werewolf Roger Dark Gent - Gentleman style

42. Saber Legend Skin Codename: Storm Caricature

43. Hayabusa Future Enforcer skin

44. Tigreal The Fallen Guard

45. Moskov Spear of Bone Dragon

46. Argus Mobile Legends Caricature

47. Layla Bunny Caricature - February 2017 starlight member skin

48. Alucard Viscount Skin Starlight Membership

49. Moskov Snake Eye Commander Drawing

50. Lancelot and Odette drawing - Christmas event special couple skin.

That's the caricature drawing of Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes made by Defrikh. This is just some of them. The Artist are keep updating his drawing on instagram, you may follow him to get newest images. 

Hope you like it. Thank you for visiting.

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