30 Mini ML Comic by Buns Art - Featuring Chibi ML Heroes

Buns is a well-known artist among ml players. She drew many adorable version of Mobile Legends Characters. She draw a lot of fanart and also comic strip, well know as Mini ML Comic. 

You can find her on 
Facebook: Buns Arts
Instagram: buns_arts
Deviantart: BunsArts
Youtube: JustBunsarts

You can support her by buying her Mobile Legends Merchandise, she put it on her Fanpage and Instagram.

Okay here they are, the Mini ML Comics by Buns:

1. Chou trying to escape from Lancelot, Jawhead actually wanted to help but unintentionally make it easier for Lancelot to do his job.

2. Irithel complaining about her hair aand... then come Lancelot.

3. Rafaela trying to tell Alice a joke, Alice wasn't impressed.

 4. The feel when your friend got hooked by Franco and you can't help.

 5. Rafaela trying to escape Chou, Bruno and Alu.

 6. Hayabusa got angry seeing Chou trying to flirt with Kagura.

 7. Gossen wrote a letter to Lesley about valentine, Lesley guessing if it's from Gord since he only leave his Initial name in the letter.

8. Zilong telling Freya that's it's not okay to jump a crowd without mature calculation.

9. Roger thinks he had Ruby but Angela pops out from Ruby in a sudden and bind Roger.

10. Gord is having fun but Aurora somehow get pissed off and froze the water. Leaving him in confusion.

11. Hayabusa and Kagura running from Zilong, Hayabusa's notice his ultimate finally available and use it. So Zilong got killed instead. That adorable face of Kagura saying thank you though.

12. Karrie put make over on Eudora. It is actually her old look and her new look after remodeled by the game developer.

13. Balmond fell in love in first sight.

14. At least you tried... Pharsa. She escaped from fanny but now she meet Ruby and Nana.

15. Miya trying to go to the attacked turret by going with johnson but they hit the wall to early.

16. Alpha laughing to saber that trying to imitate Fanny and her words. It got them nailed on the wall using her maneuver sword lol.

 17. Kagura want to feel like what Odette and Lancelot feels, She don't know Hayabusa actually always looking after her.

 18. Odette upset because her ultimate skill can be cancelled by a lot of hero like Nana, Akai, Eudora, and espically - Chou.

19. Natalia teasing Harley about "Who the real magician".

20. The story about Chou's Rework. Bruno suggest Chou to met Lancelot and he get remodeled. But stillllll it's not working on girl. 

21. ML University. Moskov throwing back Bruno's ball with full power. Got disciplined by Freya because it's not allowed to use power in the university.

22. Miya and Karina hate each other. Estes come as a new teacher in ML University. Looks like Karina just fell in love with him.

23. Bane escaped Balmond's Ultimate Axe using Flicker. It is old Bane look before the remake.

24. Agree on this, you must be a very skilled Franco user if you can catch flying Fanny with your hook.

25. At least Gusion does not play with girl's heart.

26. Lancelot mistaken the dress with his reflection.

27. Chou thought he escaped from getting killed until Moskov's spear reach him.

28. Zilong sometime use his third skill to run, very very quickly. like this one. By the way the panda you see on second column is old look of Akai.

29. Layla Kill Steal The Lord. Alucard looks very proud of his "sister"

30. Chou don't want to stop calling Nana Raccoon and get dumped, he deserve it I guess.

That is some comic made by Buns, there are many more in her page such mentioned on the early paragraphs.

Buns is a really good artist, I like a lot of her drawing or even the doodles. This is one of my favourite. Thanks for visiting.


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