30 Cool Anime Style Mobile Legends Fanart by Dhedei21

Mobile Legends Fanart made by Dhedei21, Anime Style drawing of Mobile Legends Characters some of them are chibi version.

There are a lot of pictures created by her and I here only provide 30. You can see another creation by her by visiting her instagram page.

According to her IG Profile, she uses Paint Tool SAI. You can support her by following her on Instagram, watch her on Deviantart or Subscribe and watch videos on her Youtube channel

Dhedei21 (Dhedei Chan) is from Indonesia.
Instagram: Dhedei21
Deviantart: Dhedei
Youtube: Dhe dei

Alright here they are:

1. Alice anime version. She looks bored on her throne.

2. Lolita anime style wearing Chinese traditional outfit (cmiiw). Wow... I wish this skin released in next year spring festival event.

3. Kagura Cherry Witch anime style

4. Estes and Miya (Estiya) Wedding Fan art

5. Hayabusa and Kagura marriage fan art

6. Lancelot and Odette Manga mitai

7. Angela and her doll drawing

8. Kagura cherry witch chibi character anime style

9. Argus took off his mask. Please don't take it seriously because devs hasn't release his real face.

10. Rafaela in Chrishmas outfit anime style fanart

11. Cute Natalia Phantom Dancer chibi style anime version

12. Beautiful Miya in her legend skin Modena Butterfly

13. Kawaii Ruby in her elite skin Hidden Orchid Butterfly

14. Eudora Skin Vivo Selfie chibi version

15. Fanny Campus Youth anime style avatar

16. Ruby and Alucard (Aluby) fight together.

17. Hayagura fan art chibi character version

18. Lolita and Bruno couple/ships.

19. Lolita Halloween skin Impish Trickster anime style avatar

20. Lolita anime version avatar

21. Lolita Soldier in Training skin anime style avatar

22. Nana and Grock fight together

23. Estes anime style avatar

24. Miya anime style avatar

25 Irithel anime style avatar

26. Nana anime version avatar

27. Natalia and Tigreal (Natareal) Couple/ships.

28. Layla and Clint couple doodle

29. Estes Epic Galaxy Dominator fanart.

30. Mobile Legends anime style fanart, Dhedei's favorite hero as she said on her instagram post.

That's the Anime style drawing of Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes made by Dhedei21 which is shared publicly by her. This is just some of them. The Artist are keep updating his drawing on instagram or other social media as mentioned on the early paragraph, you may follow her to get newest images. 

Hope you like it. Thank you for visiting.

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